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Buying local produce is something I think a lot of us would like to do more of that maybe don’t have the time to think about. We have a few farm shops around here which I sometimes go to and … Continue reading

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My husband had testicular cancer – he has had the all clear and thankfully it was caught very early so had to have minimal treatment for it. Men are notoriously bad at going to the doctor when they are ill … Continue reading

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I am from York and moved back here a year and a half ago after 11 years in London & before that 3 in ‘ull as a student. I love London but didn’t feel it was the right place to … Continue reading

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I have lost my voice. Husband is celebrating. That and part of my toenail in one day, who would have thought?

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I’ve had over 6 months of having 2 children – here are a few things I’ve learned. 1) They love each other. My toddler (O) looks out for the baby (D) & can entertain him by just being him – … Continue reading

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Missing – part of my toenail. Last seen on my toe. (Missing nail varnish is nothing new especially in the winter) Note obligatory dog hair. Maybe she had something to do with it?

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Dylan just turned 6 months – he can now roll, nearly sit & has started eating ‘real’ food. I went to a weaning workshop the other week and it was very focused on baby led weaning. Personally I have been … Continue reading

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This is a powerful animation with some lovely graphics & poetry – I think one of the things I really want is for my children to be liked. Kids can be so cruel & the bullying will be remembered long … Continue reading

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Maybe is should get this printed out big. I would probably never get anything done! My current top 4 celeb crushes. I seem to like unshaven slightly rough looking men – yum! Ewan Mcgregor, Paul Rudd, Damon Albarn, Jenson Button

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A girl in an online group I’m in just asked the question ‘can anyone have two kids and have a tidy house?’ A few replies & photos later and some girls think you can’t and some others think you can. … Continue reading

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