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Osc has to dress up as what he wants to be when he grows up on Thursday at his pres-school / playschool & get sponsored for Save the Children. I listed a few things he may want to be – … Continue reading

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Locate change bag – it is usually under the pushchair or table or behind a door. Or still in the car. It was in a cupboard. How did it get there? Realise change bag has so much rubbish in it … Continue reading

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One thing I miss about London is the abundance of eateries. I’m not thinking the varied chicken or kebab shops (usually only frequented when drunk in the middle of the night for overcooked chips) but rather the gastro pubs where … Continue reading

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Knackered. Sums it up nicely. Night!

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A few things I wish existed. If only I could be arsed to invent / patent them. Number 1 A waterproof computer / ipad for use in the bath. How cool would that be? Especially if you put your head … Continue reading

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Mike has hurt his back. So I’ve been doing everything around the house*. ‘What’s new?’ I hear you cry! Well seemingly he does more than I thought. Like putting the recycling bins out (surprisingly easy – what’s he complain about?), … Continue reading

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When you think about it isn’t it ironic that they tried to kill the marathon bomber, then are saving his life in hospital, then will probably kill him again dependent on the death penalty (which I did read could possibly … Continue reading

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I don’t think I am that crafty, which is kind of weird as I’m a designer so I should be. Then again I do make a lot of cards. Anyway, (I like that word) I’m finding ways to keep Oscar … Continue reading

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So, a couple of friends have a certain ikea storage thingy. It’s like a bookcase but squarer. But not in the geeky way. So I decided it would be the solution to all my storage problems*. Of which I have … Continue reading

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So it’s the Queen’s real birthday. Or something. Or nothing. She’s celebrating another year of preventing Chuck from being king. She’s celebrating in one of her castles. I hope it’s a bouncy castle. So much more fun than Windsor.

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