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Osc has been really quite good this week. He’s not been a terrible 2 really but has his moments. I love some of the things he comes out with. The best this week was when he hugged me & said … Continue reading

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Sitting down. Don’t want to sit down. I want that piece of jigsaw. Lean over. Arm on floor. Yay on tummy. Exciting. Kick legs. Roll over. Weeee! Push up head & tummy with straight arms. Exciting. Kick legs. Exciting. Flap … Continue reading

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I apologise for shouting. Can we be friends again? You listened. It was hot. And it didn’t rain. We went outside! Now people are red. And burned. Next time don’t give us crap weather followed by hot weather. We are … Continue reading

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Dear weather Call this fucking summer? You are fired. Immediately. Get your winter coat and get outta here to the other side of the world where you are expected. Don’t forget the wind, rain & gloominess you have so kindly … Continue reading

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Dear weather I like you. I do. I believe that without you, life would be pretty boring. Or non existent. It wouldn’t be hot or cold, still or windy, dry or wet. Safe to say we wouldn’t be here. I … Continue reading

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I had been thinking about the kids’ bedroom arrangements for a while. Dylan is almost 8 months & I’m not ready for him to move out of our room. He doesn’t sleep, unless cuddled with me. Which is a tad … Continue reading

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I know a few of my friends do, but what I’d love is that someone I don’t know reads my blog. Anyone reading this who I don’t know? I’m so hopeless at marketing I doubt there is!

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I yelled at Osc today, told him off, then cried. We were on the way out of the doctors. (He had had to be carried in kicking and screaming as I woke him from a nap he had started 2 … Continue reading

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Lots of people see the NCT as very pro lots-of-things (breast feeding, natural birth, attachment parenting, baby wearing, co-sleeping) and anti-lots-of-things (pain relief, caesareans, formula). I must say, they are often holier than thou in their approach – I take … Continue reading

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Today I’m feeling chuffed with myself as I won the boys a new Big Jigs wooden train set with my wickedly funny pun about why I’d like to win: Because my 2.5 year old would be rather ‘chuffed’ and my … Continue reading

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