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Here is the first of my Thursday Things What I Like posts’ – things I’ve loved as a mum or human and want to share with you. Unless otherwise stated, these posts aren’t sponsored & aren’t reviews in return for … Continue reading

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‘Poo panth*! Poo panth’ (aimed at Mike). So what’s mummy then? ‘Um’** ‘Um’? Yes. ‘Oh so why am I poo pants?’ ‘Poo panth! Poo panth!’ It has truly begun – the poo phase. He wants to see his poo after … Continue reading

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It has been in the news a lot this week (or at least on social media) that lots of women are annoyed at the Bounty reps who come round hospitals, sometimes hours after births. Mumsnet have brought it to everyone’s … Continue reading

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I’ve not been on here much recently for a few reasons: 1) Dylan has started to crawl. He likes the dog bowl, wires, plantpots, wheels of the trike & potty. All things he really shouldn’t. This has made my life … Continue reading

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We all like a bargain, I’m from Yorkshire (who’d have guessed?) & we’re known for being tight. I prefer the term frugal. 1) Sign up to Quidco & start earning cashback on your purchases. So far I’ve ‘earned’ nearly £700 … Continue reading

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