Dear Kate

I wish you well in your birth. I hope it goes well & that you get a healthy baby. I don’t envy you giving birth with the whole world waiting in anticipation. It was bad enough for me and millions of others without that added pressure. Don’t feel bad if you don’t stick to your birth plan or something doesn’t go the way you hoped. Don’t feel bad if you can’t breast feed, or if you don’t bond with your baby at first. Don’t feel bad if you want to cry, or tell the media to sod off. Don’t feel bad not putting on makeup & just lounging in big comfy pants and pjs for a few days or weeks. Just do what you feel is best and don’t listen do what people want you to do. Give the new arrival a name you & William love, not that is expected. Give them lots of cuddles and love – they grow so quickly and before you know it they’ll be calling you names you don’t like!


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