I have a confession to bake. I will whisper it.

I am a mum and I cannot bake.

I don’t even enjoy baking (gasp).

My newsfeed so full of friends creating domestic wonders. Some have even started successful cupcake businesses. The creations are amazing – the attention to detail is fantastic and it makes me hungry just looking at them. As well as a tad jealous. Other friends manage to bake something for birthdays or cake sales which not only could I never in a million years work out how it is created, and looks like it took them the best part of a year to assemble.

Even Oscar comes home from preschool with cute looking normal cakes.

I attempted to make some cookies today for the Playgroup disco I am helping organise. I chose cookies as they are relatively simple to make. Firstly, my kitchen now looks like it belongs in Antarctica, secondly I got cross at all the 4 members of my family (the furry one included) and thirdly, although some of them turned out ok, the other ones looked like road kill.

I’m in two minds whether to take them at all, though I must admit, the ones that did turn out half decent do taste nice. I just won’t be taking the flattened squirrel ones.



I am now thinking of how I can get out of donating baked goods for sales.

If I do the sum:

Cost of ingredients + time taken + time being stressed = bog standard cake or cookie

…then it doesn’t really seem worth the effort.

After all cakes are scoffed down in seconds.

I have decided I will either have to practice more, buy some cakes in or ask my friends to bake more to pass off as my own.

Or volunteer for something else. I love creating the posters for such events – I wouldn’t class this as a road kill poster.


I just feel that with the word ‘mum’ usually comes ‘can and enjoys baking’

Well it’s not true for me.

Please tell me I’m not the only mum who can’t or doesn’t enjoy baking? Someone else must have some culinary disasters to share?

Or some easy, foolproof recipes that even a novice baker can impress with.

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3 Responses to A confession

  1. A quick tip for cookies, if you’re having trouble with them spreading, is to pop the tray in the fridge (or even the freezer) for a few mins before you put them in the oven. The surface of your baking tray can make a difference, too (my favourites are the enamelled ones, but if you don’t even enjoy the process then you might not want to invest!)

    No-bake recipes are another option. It’s hard to go wrong with something like coconut ice where you just mix the ingredients together and then chill it :)

  2. I should also have said, I don’t think anyone should feel compelled to bake if they don’t enjoy it! I just love it so much that it’s hard not to offer suggestions ;)

  3. jess says:

    From the look of your pics I’d guess that your oven was too hot. I would love to be able to bake but all of my attempts have a definite home made look about them. All lop sided and/or cracked on top. I find the most successful recipes come from Mary Berry, they are simple and allow for different ovens. I usually smother everything with molten chocolate or roll out icing to hide the disasters. (Last time I made my own icing I dyed my entire kitchen fluorescent green and failed to get it to adhere to the cake.)