About Lucy

I am a mum. Yes it takes up most of my time but I’m not sure I like that label. It doesn’t tell you much about me. I’ve only been a mum for a short period of time. I’m also a freelance web designer and usability expert – I spent years studying & working as a designer. If someone asks me what I do I would say designer as well as mum. After all you don’t study to be a mum – you just kind of become one, sometimes with no real planning or thought.

This blog is not about how to be a good mum or things to do with your kids. I want an outpouring for my thoughts – things that annoy me, things I love, the difficulties being a parent and the joys. Not just about being a mum but a woman and adult too. Unusual and day to day things. Maybe the odd graphic, photo or drawing. Oh and I will swear – this isn’t a blog for kids even though I may mention them from time to time.

I would love debates on some of my subjects – or opinions or just a hello. Talk to me, I hope you are out there.

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