Mike has hurt his back. So I’ve been doing everything around the house*. ‘What’s new?’ I hear you cry! Well seemingly he does more than I thought. Like putting the recycling bins out (surprisingly easy – what’s he complain about?), emptying the bin (ditto), cutting the lawn occasionally (easy apart from working out how to start the bloody thing – so far only the small front lawn done as I had to then go and cook tea) & taking the dog for a walk.

Weeeeelll taking the dog for a walk was harder than I thought as she can pull – she’s still not quite trained as she’s quite puppy-ish. She’s a labradoodle so fairly large and now my shoulders ache. Especially when she meets cows.

dog met cows in a field

The dog won I think as she barked and they mooed and they backed away.














Yesterday I was on a kiddy chair holding Dylan while helping Osc do some sticking. I managed to (in probably quite a comedy fashion) make the chair slip over backwards and land on my back, still holding Dylan and hurt my back / shoulders a bit. Osc just looked at me rather bemused. I swore silently. Unlike when I slipped on one of his bricks and ended up swearing loudly & telling him off as I was close to dropping his brother. He tidied his toys after as I think he realised they were pretty much the new flooring in our living room and I’m not sure ‘toys all over the place’ will be coming to a Carpet Right near you any time soon.

Taking into account having to hold / lift the kids** more, my mini fall from kiddy chair height, mowing the lawn, tugging at the dog and generally doing everything around the house; my shoulders, back, wrists, feet and legs now ache.

My sister & her boyfriend were shunted in their car by another car the other day and have bad backs. So our family is rather achy at the moment. Please treat us nicely. This means you are allowed to buy us chocolate and cake and come and mow the lawn :)


* It still looks like we’ve been burgled – I wonder if the day will come when we have a normal house with no toys all over the place, everything neat and tidy & no dog hair everywhere. I think not. My ikea purchases should help though.

** Oscar weighs almost 17.5kg now and Dylan 8.6 kg as of today. That’s 2.75 stones & 18.5lb which means Osc is very heavy for his age and Dylan is above heavy for his age. We don’t seem to produce small children. One clever thing which I’ve found has saved my back is the Maxi Cosi Axiss car seat – we love it and other friends do too. It swivels so you can put the kid in it and not have to do some sort of gymnastics to get them strapped in. Osc is nearly too big for it so I’ll have to buy a new seat for him but I’m not looking forward to it as they don’t do them in bigger sizes. Bugger!

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