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So, today I decided to use the rice / slow cooker to cook a risotto (slightly lazier than using a pan but easier when there are little people running around). Upon opening the rice cooker I discovered that I hadn’t … Continue reading

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One thing I miss about London is the abundance of eateries. I’m not thinking the varied chicken or kebab shops (usually only frequented when drunk in the middle of the night for overcooked chips) but rather the gastro pubs where … Continue reading

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There is always much excitement when a takeaway menu drops through our door. It is a rare occasion. Living 7 miles out of york, not many people deliver here. This pizza place is delicious & charges £4 delivery – not … Continue reading

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So Dylan got his first tooth on Saturday, or at least I noticed it. It may explain his constant chewing and inability to sleep longer than a handful of hours in a row. Or not as I’m sure I’ll be … Continue reading

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Yesterday I bought some cheese made in the next village, Elvington. One of my favourite cheeses – yum! It must be a big bungalow to keep cows. I have also been eating ultra local honey made in the village. Local … Continue reading

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So a mini emergency is going on in my house. I have run out of ketchup. Well a slight lie, I think there may be 2 portions left. This is not good. I need ketchup. Like some people need caffeine; … Continue reading

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Buying local produce is something I think a lot of us would like to do more of that maybe don’t have the time to think about. We have a few farm shops around here which I sometimes go to and … Continue reading

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