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So, before I had kids I didn’t think too much about parking. We had a small car & lived in London and so a lot of it was reverse parking, struggling to find a space outside our house and wishing … Continue reading

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I’ve had over 6 months of having 2 children – here are a few things I’ve learned. 1) They love each other. My toddler (O) looks out for the baby (D) & can entertain him by just being him – … Continue reading

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Dylan just turned 6 months – he can now roll, nearly sit & has started eating ‘real’ food. I went to a weaning workshop the other week and it was very focused on baby led weaning. Personally I have been … Continue reading

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A girl in an online group I’m in just asked the question ‘can anyone have two kids and have a tidy house?’ A few replies & photos later and some girls think you can’t and some others think you can. … Continue reading

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I don’t really receive mothers day gifts – my kids are too young & husband rather useless (mother in law still goes on about the dinosaur card the received). This year I saw this and thought I’d hint. I’ve asked … Continue reading

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It’s amazing that only 4 wake ups in a night can feel like a good night’s sleep. 2 x baby feed, 1x baby fart, 1x toddler ‘I’m scared’.

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