Dear weather

I like you. I do. I believe that without you, life would be pretty boring. Or non existent. It wouldn’t be hot or cold, still or windy, dry or wet. Safe to say we wouldn’t be here.

I even quite like English weather. I don’t complain about it much as I like that we get snow and sun. We get a good variety without it being too dangerous. No cyclones, hurricanes, volcanoes or earthquakes. I’m glad our children don’t have to practice earthquake emergency procedures in school. I’m glad we don’t have to bolt down our houses in hurricanes. Most of these things are seen in films not in real life.

I’m not asking for much. I don’t want really hot weather. I just want normal weather for this time of hear. I want cardigan weather. Not hat weather. I want to have to put sun cream on my kids occasionally. I want them to play in the garden without freezing or getting blown away. I am fed up of not knowing what to pack on a day out – sun hat or wooly hat?

And mainly I want no more sniffles, colds, viruses or other illnesses. I am fed up of cancelling Osc’s playgroups (my time with just Dylan & when I can sometimes catch up on things). I am fed up of buying tissues. I am fed up of blaming my broken sleep on the children being ill yet again. I am fed up of wiping snot from their noses. Or being given bogies to look after.

Please weather, sort yourself out and become springlike. We would all be much happier.



A good train track always makes you feel less poorly :)

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2 Responses to Dear weather

  1. Not A Mum says:

    Well, in London-sur-la-mer it was a balmy 17 degrees on Sunday. Lots of crazy types in flip-flops and shorts in Hyde Park, walking their dogs who were wearing brightly coloured visors. What are the dogs wearing up norf these days?

  2. lucy says:

    Mine has a pink collar. No visor. How funny – I used to wear a visor as a kid, no idea they were fashionable in doggy world.