I’m not the best festival goer. Mainly because of the toilet queues. Having suffered from Ibs for years, I’ve missed out on some great ones. I’m not the biggest fan of camping mainly as there is no noise barrier. I think people & animals are closer than they are. Not great when on Fraser Island with dingoes about. I’ve also camped in Greece – too hot – as soon as the sun is up, you are too. Not great with a hangover.

I have no real problem with not showering – if everyone is stinky I may as well join in. I also don’t mind occasionally sleeping on a mat on the floor. I can even put up with disgusting loos, as long as there isn’t a queue. How hard is it for organisers to get right? They got it spot on at the Olympics so any festival organiser should copy them.

I went to the YO1 day festival in york yesterday. Mine & Mike’s first outing without both kids. Nice to escape for the evening, even if we did feel rather old (I would need to be in hot pants with my midriff on display, Mike in skinny jeans & smoking something illegal to fit in). The music was great – what we heard of it when not queuing for drinks (we gave up when it was 8 deep), pizza (half a hour) or loo (between 5 & 15 mins). My Ibs would decide to make an appearance when I can’t easily access a loo. I survived but only just. If only they’d put the cheap ticket price up, people could have had access to loos, bought more drinks (proving more bars were there) & eaten more. As it was my veg pizza seemed to have a piece of chicken on which didn’t really bode well. As I’m breast feeding still, I couldn’t take anything to help either. If you’ve not suffered with Ibs or something similar, you won’t understand the anxiety associated with it. Some people are scared of trousers, I’m scared of having an upset stomach & no access to the loo.

As it was, the YO1 Facebook page is full of complaints today. They stopped people getting in after 9pm with no prior warning; Rudamental were on nearing 10. There were queues to get in (we were fine late afternoon). So queues for everything then & people not allowed in to see the main band. What is that all about? Come on festival organisers – make it a pleasant experience for us. Help those of us who love music not get upset, angry annoyed or ill (worrying about the lack of loos didn’t do me any good either). Help disabled people have a better experience (only 1 loo & no disabled people using it it seemed). Provide nappy changing for the kids. Basically put the people first. We don’t mind paying more, just as long as the experience is nice. If it wasn’t for being able to dance like a loon to some drum n bass for the first time in years, I may just have been put off festivals for good.

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