I have been quiet recently. Partly I just didn’t feel that inspired but partly I’ve been busy. I’ve been setting up a site with a friend selling cheap e-cigarettes and e-juice, doing stalls and promoting my organic skincare website and looking after the children through various infections – tonsilitis, chest, ear and we’ve all had stomach bugs. Let’s hope it means we’ll be bug free by Christmas. I hate the change of seasons. If only it was like a change of bed sheets – bringing that feeling of freshness but nope, we all end up feeling crappy and run down catching illness after illness.

I will be back with a long post soon – I am writing one as I speak. It will be about breastfeeding :)

Oh and a headsup on Amazon’s Black Friday deals – they are on for the next couple of days and some products are over 70% off – I’ve had some right bargains!

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