Here’s a product I absolutely love. And Mike does which is even more amazing. Warning. I will now talk about poo.

I tried to get on with reusable nappies but having had 2 c-sections I found it a bit of a step too far – I do use them occasionally – like if I know one needs a change & will only be wearing a nappy a short while. The thing about reusable nappies is they are so cute – I just wish I had the energy to use them!

What I do love though, is reusable wipes. I ordered a Cheeky Wipes kit just after Osc was born and I’m still using them now. I have managed to persuade a few friends to use them too and they love them too. This kit is an updated version of the one I have – mine are just plain cotton. The Cheeky Wipes Ultimate kit has wipes which have cotton on one side and cotton velour on the other so you can use them for bums AND faces/hands – genius!

The idea of reusable wipes is that you have a dirty and clean box – the clean box has the wet cheeky wipes in soaking in water, and when you have used the wipes you put them in the dirty box, soaked in water. I must say I found soaking them really faffy (they were hard to get out and into the washer without dirty water spilling everywhere) so I just bung them in the wash on a rinse or quick wash cycle then wash them with my normal laundry. I then boil them sporadically and so far, my original ones have lasted 2.5 years. I did get some newer ones (now discontinued) but they weren’t as good – so make sure they’re the original or up to date ones if you do get them! The boxes, I must admit, aren’t that great (all broke) so I use some Tupperware ones, and the wipes and water work well for me – the drops are nice to add but they do start to whiff after a bit, especially in summer, so you need to change the water quite a bit.

My kids rarely have nappy rash & they get poo off SO easily – in fact I do use disposable wipes usually when I am out (they don’t always need a change so it’s much easier to bung a packet in than take a wet and dry bag for CW with me) and I hate using them – especially to get rid of poo – they just kind of smudge the poo around! You really do only need one Cheeky Wipe to several disposable ones.

I was lucky enough to win some aqua coloured cheeky wipes on Facebook and I use those for hands and faces – they get bits of Weetabix off that other wipes can’t and both kids like to chew them, weirdly. You can now buy a Cheeky Wipes Hands & Faces Baby Wipes Kit which is great if you don’t fancy using the ‘bum’ ones.

How cool are the coloured wipes!

(This is a Thursday Things What I like post – this post is not sponsored).

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