So, a couple of friends have a certain ikea storage thingy. It’s like a bookcase but squarer. But not in the geeky way. So I decided it would be the solution to all my storage problems*. Of which I have many. As we have so much stuff and I’m a lot better a shopping than selling (though the PDSA is better off today as I got rid of loads of shoes and clothes by filling a bag for them and leaving it out my door. It said it would go to the shop – better than some of which they get 10p / tonne or something silly… Annoyingly 1 shoe got left behind and it was a nice one – should I let them know I have the others?)

Anyway, waffle waffle… The ikea website is shockingly bad. We found some boxes to go on said shelves and they said couldn’t be delivered and yet we found them elsewhere saying they could be delivered. How stupid is that? You can’t search photo frames by size. How stupid is that?! Anyway. Conclusion – you could do better ikea. Do you want to employ me as your web designer / usability specialist** as I could do a better job than you have now!

* It won’t be but I have convinced Mike it will be for now. I am desperate for shoe storage. So I need to add that on to the order. But should I get specialist sho


Fuck off blockquotes& HTML tags I don’t want you why do you keep appearing?***

storage or something else?

** I am actually a freelance web designer when I have time to be. I designed ecommerce sites so I know what I am on about. The rumour is the ikea site cost a million squid!

*** this line showed how awful th

argh it’s done it again!

The iPad app is if you touch type it puts in magic HTML things I don’t want! And now everyone thinks I have lost the plot. Which has been deliberated before. I think it is bedtime. I hear snoring.

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