Ok, so here are a few things which I do (or don’t do) that most people I know do the opposite of.

1) I only boil the kettle for the water I need. Quicker & uses less energy. But most people I know fill the whole or at least half the kettle. One person I know mentioned filling the element – kettles don’t have elements these days, and in any case, the element isn’t at the top of the kettle.

2) I keep doors closed when going in and out of the house, when, for example, talking. This doesn’t let all the warm air out, and it keeps the dog in. Which is a good thing as she goes mental if she escapes. Strangely though, if you don’t want to be burgled you should leave your door open with music on – burglars presume no one is silly enough not to be in.

3) I don’t iron clothes very often. Ok, I can see the point if it’s work shirts, or a nice dress, or something that is really crinkly; but baby clothes, t-shirts, everyday clothes, and especially pjamas, bedding & towels – no way! I have much more pressing(!) things to do with my life. I even heard of one mum ironing MUSLINS! I wonder if I actually get judged on this. Surely people who do iron notice those of us who don’t?
I was secretly quite proud when my 2 year old asked what the iron & ironing board where at his toddler group.

4) I do not tan, at least not more than being cream instead of white. I don’t go on sun beds to get my skin ‘used’ to the sun, I don’t sit in the sun more than enough to get my vitamin d & I don’t self tan. Sun ages the skin and can cause skin cancer. Some of my friends have had skin cancer, not something would like, though I am more prone to it being blonde. I have tried self tan & although, if done well (ie not Essex girl) I feel it is fine, I really am a) too lazy to exfoliate, apply then dry and b) I always end up patchy & look worse than when I started. I will join Madonna, Kylie, Nicole Kidman & Nicola from Girls Aloud & embrace my porcelain look (is that the reason the elder 3 look young or is it their friendly plastic surgeon?) and try to avoid the red, flaky look that I get if I’m in the sun too much.

5) I don’t take my kids swimming much. I find it all a bit of a faff and I find the reason of ‘I want to get them used to the water’ strange as a) they get bathed & rained on so are not unused to water b) I would never leave them near water unattended and c) they can’t actually swim until a bit older anyway. I’m sure they love it but my toddler likes running around, climbing, jumping (yes on sofas & beds), Play-Doh, jigsaws, and colouring just as much. And I don’t get the crying, clammy skin, wet clothes etc I have to contend with in a small change room.

6) I don’t like tea. Or coffee. Which apparently makes me weird. Tea is just plain boring & coffee makes me want to puke. I also don’t like mint. Mint coffee is my idea of hell. I do occasionally have peppermint or green tea but more often than not it goes cold as I have to attend a toddler disaster. One old thing is I’ve saved a fortune in coffee shops over the years. The downside is I eat chocolate as my caffeine fix. Or maybe that’s an upside. My drawers are filled of Dairy Milk :)

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2 Responses to Is it only me?

  1. Sam Harrison says:

    I don’t iron clothes either. You know that. I don’t buy clothes that require ironing. If Mark wants an ironed shirt he can find his own iron, or be wrinkled. God help me when I have to deal with school uniform (although nowadays they tend to wear polo shirts don’t they?). Bugger it. There’s more to life….
    I am also a naturally pale blue colour so I totally sympathise on that score. I embraced my pastiness many years ago. If I look vaguely in the direction of the sun my skin falls off. Therefore, I am blue. Like a smurf.
    The tea & coffee thing though…. yeah you’re just weird. You’re a Yorkshire lass, you should be drinking tea that you can stand a spoon up in. What went wrong???

  2. lucy says:

    I think I must be defective! I do like Yorkshire puddings if that helps.