Yesterday I bought some cheese made in the next village, Elvington. One of my favourite cheeses – yum! It must be a big bungalow to keep cows.


I have also been eating ultra local honey made in the village. Local honey is meant to be great for allergies & other health issues.


In the village newsletter it mentioned that a neighbour a few doors up keeps bees – we must ask if we can buy some honey as, apart from keeping bees ourself (which ain’t gonna happen – I’m sh*t scared of them after being stung as a kid & adult – honestly it hurt more than getting my belly button pierced), surely we can’t get much more local. Though some of his bees have died so I think there is a shortage. Fertiliser is to blame (apparently – I saw it on tv so it must be true) for falling bee numbers. I’ll do what I can and plant some bee friendly flowers – Phacelia (whatever they are!) seeds I sent off for as part of the Keep Britain Buzzing campaign will soon be somewhere in the garden waiting to sprout. Mainly as I’m concerned for Winnie the Pooh of course.


I have planted a few other flowers too – I bought some daffodils & tulips & pansies. I think tulips & daffies are my favourite flowers. Tulips remind me of Amsterdam and the lovely colourful flower markets & daffies remind me of York – as my dad constantly reminds me – as a Brownie I planted bulbs on the bar walls many years ago and they’re still sprouting! The bar walls look so much cheerier with the daffodils on them – yellow is such a happy fun colour & everyone is happier when they sprout as spring has sprung at last! Though maybe this year we’ll go straight on to Autumn, who knows? My birthday is in August – it would be a novelty to have snow.

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One Response to More local food

  1. Aunty Sty says:

    I bought Yorkshire cider and wine today! All in the interests of local business.