Sitting down.
Don’t want to sit down. I want that piece of jigsaw.
Lean over.
Arm on floor.
Yay on tummy.
Exciting. Kick legs.
Roll over.
Push up head & tummy with straight arms.
Exciting. Kick legs.
Exciting. Flap arms.
Bump! Oh dear on tummy again.
Oh well it’s all very exciting.
Push up head & tummy with straight arms again.
Exciting. Kick legs.
Must remember not to flap arms.
Ooh on knees!
I’m like a dog!
Now what?
I’ll rock forwards a bit.
And backwards.
And forwards.
Oh dear on tummy again.
All very exciting.
Kick and flap for a while,
Pivot. Want to go eat a different bit of jigsaw.
Repeat arm & knee steps.
Yay I’m up!
Hand up.
Hand down.
Other hand up.
Other hand down.
I’m like a doggy!
Rock forwards & backwards.
Knee forwards.
Other knee forwards.
Ooooh exciting.
Collapse in excitement on tummy.
Arm in front.
Other arm in front.
Drag forwards.
Ooh a crumb!
Repeat arm dragging steps.
Woohoo the jigsaw.
Oh. Big brother has taken it off me.
Pivot. There is a ball over there. I like balls.
Repeat arm and knee steps. Twice,
Nearly there!
Oh on tummy again.
Good job it’s a comfy tummy.
Repeat arm and knee steps.
The ball is rolling!
Oh big brother has kicked it away.
Time for a roll.
And another.
I’m so fast! Mummy can’t catch me.
Oh she can.
I’m back where I started.
So not fair, I want to go scavenging again.
Ooh I spy jigsaw!

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