As I said before, I’m useless at updating my blog at the moment. I think I’m a bit overwhelmed by Christmas and trying to do work and everyone being ill. I will add a few links to sites which I’ve been working on.

The first is my organic skincare website – I have been doing some Christmas Markets to mixed success around where I live. I find I’m not a natural seller – I’m good at the design, buying the products etc, but just not at face to face selling.

Anyway, I have lots more organic products on Natural Boutique than I used to have – lots of lovely organic baby skincare products including from brands such as Weleda and Green People - both who have won awards for their products being suitable for eczema sufferers and dry skin.

What I have noticed is that most people expect organic products to be expensive. They aren’t, in fact, much more expensive than many other brands.

For instance, this gorgeous Green People Vita Min Fix Moisturiser is only £15.95 – it is anti-ageing, stops skin from drying and flaking in this dry weather (I tested it against another brand and it was far better – my skin on the side of my face using this felt gorgeous while the other side continued to flake). Compare that to prices in Boots and you’ll see, it doesn’t cost much to give your skin some organic lovin’!

Another product I want to rave about is Green People Organic Fake Tan – not only does it not contain those weird smelling ingredients that other fake tans do, so it smells lovely, it has won awards such as ‘winner of best fake tan in the Natural Health magazine beauty awards 2011‘. I have a friend who is a makeup artist and she swears by it over other brands. Again, at £18.95 it’s comparable to other brands (if not cheaper) and comes in a big bottle.



If you are a fan of any of the products I sell I’d appreciate it if you could tell friends and family about me and leave a review of products you love!

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