I’ve not been on here much recently for a few reasons:

1) Dylan has started to crawl. He likes the dog bowl, wires, plantpots, wheels of the trike & potty. All things he really shouldn’t. This has made my life harder as I can’t keep my eyes off him. Though Osc loves snatching things out of his hand ‘no Dylam!’

2) I have been sorting ‘stuff’ in the house – ie crap that is in the garage – out. This now means the rest of my house resembles a bombsite, though the garage is relatively ‘tidier’.

3) I have been cooking more from scratch and have even BAKED about 3 times. The baking is highly unusual for me, but apparently my cookies aren’t that bad.

4) Some days I just have to do housework – we have a big house and 4 people plus dog = a lot of mess. The garden is suffering a bit too though we have put up the climbing frame at last.

5) I’m hoping to start freelancing a bit more. I’m a freelance creative web designer – but it’s taking time to get work in, let alone do it. I have also been doing things like VAT returns for mine & Mike’s design business & helping Mike do a bit of marketing – he’s a freelance flash developer. Working for yourself of course has its ups – we can have family days out when noone else does for instance. But it also means working until midnight sometimes for no money doing admin or marketing, and of course you don’t get paid when you don’t work – ie pretty much all the time for me at the moment!

6) I’m hoping to work more on my natural skincare website. I am trying to decide which products to restock, do stock takes and market it. It’s hard when you are against the likes of Amazon….

7) I’ve been doing branding for Best Hair Straighteners which we are setting up with a hairdresser friend – it will sell ghds but it obviously takes time to design & set up an ecommerce site. This is an ongoing project – watch this space (or get in touch if you want some ghds!)

8) Sometimes I just want to watch Glee or True Blood. We have loads stacked up on Sky+!
I promise to try to post more – any requests for subject matters?!

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