I am starting a Zumba class with my mum next week which my friend Sam teaches. I haven’t done any proper exercise over three years as I’ve either been pregnant for looking after a small child. To be honest the shopping trip today was a pretty good workout – my feet hurt despite wearing trainers.

I have dabbled in exercise dance classes in the past – my favourites were cheerleading (imagining I was in the Sweet Valley High & Cheerleader books I used to read & not in a BBC fitness studio in west London) bellydancing, salsa and a class where we had to learn dances to pop songs. I am obviously I’m rather good at dancing when I am drunk*. As I am Singstar (speciality: Wind of change).*

Anyway I thought I’d treat myself to new exercise trousers. I do have a few pairs but they are either really really old or kind of a bit tight now so getting down & grooving may prove hard. Finding suitable attire was not an easy task. We spent ages in TK Maxx (buying everything but what we went for – bloody shop), then a quick look in H&M before finally going to Sports Direct. SD Is so crammed in that you have to be fairly small in order to fit in there, which may be why all the larger sizes were left. It was an achievement to be able to get the buggy round the shop. In fact it’s one of those shops that is barely worth going in if it wasn’t so cheap. The reason why I have to spend so long looking for the goddamn trousers is that my legs are on the short side. They are chunky & short like my dad’s whereas my mum’s look like chicken legs. Cheers parents – why couldn’t I have had a mixture? It seems that as well as having to be fairly normal sized to get in the shop, in order to buy trousers, you have to be a lot taller than I am. in fact some of the trousers pretty much went up to my neck. Who has legs that long?

Ok Mr. Tall does.

In the end I settled in some that are still too long but I’m just hoping that when I’m doing my best dancing that I don’t fall flat on my ample arse. At least I wouldn’t have far to fall.

It is not just exercise trousers which are hard to find – jeans are too though these do seem to be easy to find – I love Dorothy Perkins ones for instance. I do think there should be more petite clothes around. (& tall ones for my friends with the opposite problem). They cost less to make too. And take up less space in the washing machine.

To make myself feel taller I bought a collapsible step to use. At last I can find out what my husband keeps in those top shelves in the kitchen. I bet it’s where he’s hidden my ketchup.

*as I am always drunk at the time, this is a drunken view of my dancing & singing. Sober friends may disagree.

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One Response to Short legs long trousers

  1. Sam Harrison says:

    I also have too short legs….apparently this is why my Wii Fit man explodes when I step on the balance board! If you fall flat on your face in my Zumba class as a result of your hideously too long trousers I promise not to laugh. Much. x