OMFG I have just noticed I have been wearing odd socks all day! This is not good – I’m not an odd sock kinda gal. In fact, I hate even wearing 2 black socks of different varieties. Mike, on the other hand will gladly wear different socks and dress our children in them. I think he does it to annoy me. You wouldn’t wear odd shoes would you so why odd socks? Would you, as a sock, want to be paired with one that didn’t look like you? I doubt it.

The really frustrating thing is there must be about 100 odd socks in this house. I have them from sizes newborn to big man. I wonder if there is like a sock dating site where you post a picture of your sock in the hope of finding another that matches and then both socks are happy.

And the really really frustrating thing is the reason I had odd socks on wasn’t because I had lost one it’s because I paired them in the dark when Dylan was sleeping. So really it’s his fault.

In case you were interested, these are the socks I was wearing (at least they were 2 of this variety – phew). I found them in TK Maxx cheap but they appear to be on Amazon for the same price. They are magic as they don’t have elastic but some sort of honeycomb top. How cool is that. Many a lady will be able to wear socks before bearing her legs for a wedding or something and not have to worry about bloody sock marks. Thank you honeycomb inventor people.

I bet this fox doesn’t wear odd socks

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2 Responses to Socks

  1. Mike says:

    Hehe I feel the need to dress some little people in the morning :)
    … If you are lucky I may not even put the jacket on backwards for comedy value and even will put the correct tee-shirt on the correct sized child. If you are lucky.

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