I apologise for shouting.
Can we be friends again?

You listened.
It was hot.
And it didn’t rain.
We went outside!
Now people are red.
And burned.

Next time don’t give us crap weather followed by hot weather.
We are not used to it.
Sun cream isn’t always packed.
In our case it was.
As I’m porcelain white & paranoid.
But of course there are casualties.

Then again.
Some people never learn.
May as well bung one’s head in the oven*.

An idea: a cheap alternative to a tattoo**
Apply sun cream.
Rub off desired tattoo pattern.
Sit in the sun.
Voila a semi permanent pattern.
You will be the envy of your friends.
Remember where you heard it first.

* this would, of course be a silly thing to do. Though ‘burning’ oneself in a sunbed is something which is popular.

** for a saver alternative, draw one on with biro.


Several friends and relatives have had skin cancer. While it is important to get vitamin d, it is also important not to burn, especially if you are pale skinned like me.

In some cultures they bleach their skin. We burn or dye ours to be darker.
Strange world isn’t it?

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