Ok so the dog (Klara) is only young & still classed as a puppy but it is kind of annoying that whenever there is food, there is Klara.

For instance, when boiling things on the hob, she is not far away. Which is annoying as I may burn her, but she’s not bothered about that. She is hoping I’ll drop whatever I’m cooking on the floor, devour it and then be sick.

Busted! She ain’t that silly – she’s sussed who drops the most food.

The good thing is we don’t have to sweep up as much food. The bad thing is dog hair, even though she’s not a molty (made up word according to my iPad) dog, is everywhere and sweeping up of all that is impossible. Tumbleweed hairballs float around like furry things that shouldn’t be floating around. Dog hair gets everywhere. Including in our food. Which she sometimes ends up eating. Is that doggy cannibalism?

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