We all like a bargain, I’m from Yorkshire (who’d have guessed?) & we’re known for being tight. I prefer the term frugal.

1) Sign up to Quidco & start earning cashback on your purchases. So far I’ve ‘earned’ nearly £700 – not bad for things I was going to buy anyway. You need to sig up with a bank account, then, when shopping online, look up the retailer to see if they are part of Quidco, clickthrough & start getting cashback. Easy! You can also get cashback using your debit card in certain shops – how handy is that!

2) Compare prices online – look on Google shopping, Amazon are usually well priced & sites like Pricerunner are worth a look.

3) Go to NCT nearly new sales. If you are an NCT member it is so worth using your card to get in early before the rush. Don’t take toddlers (unless you want to buy all the toys there), do take another pair of hands like a mum or friend, look round everything then take a second look as you will have missed things & grab bargains! I usually buy quite a bit – I figure even if a few things are cheaper elsewhere then the time taken to collect / find them individually isn’t worth it. You may need sharp elbows & caffeine though; mums on a mission are a force to be reckoned with!

3) Join local Facebook selling pages and groups. Loads of mums use them to buy & sell and there are always bargains to be had. Though they are also a source of bitchiess & often people want something for nothing so maybe not the best place to sell!

4) Use eBay – things are often cheaper if you buy things which are collection only – not as many people bid. also buying bundles, especially clothes, work out cheaper. Misspell things too – Fat Fingers is a great tool for finding spelling mistakes – save money from other peoples’s stupidity!

5) Look on Gumtree – I find it especially good for furniture. The prices are obvious & items available straight away, unlike on ebay where you take a punt & then have to wait to see if you have won.

6) If you have time, trawl some charity shops. I miss my local London ones but have found some in a small town nearby including a fab Barnardos one which just stocks kids stuff! The Oxfam online shop also sells second hand goods.

7) Talk to friends – you may find they are selling stuff you want & you know it’ll be good quality!

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