So, as I find out that mike has shoehorned Oscar (nearly 2 1/2) into Dylan’s clothes (nearly 7 months) yet again, I’m just thankful they’re not 0-3 month clothes any more. Poor Osc is often found in a tiny nappy or squished into a small pair of trousers or tshirt. Why doesn’t his father notice that they are looking rather cropped or showing his tummy button? And why doesn’t Osc complain? And why does he never put Dyl in Osc’s clothes, which would be far less cruel and slightly amusing. Though even I had a giggle at this one.
Apparently this is a dad thing – other friends say their partners regularly get clothes muddled. They are also prone to dressing kids in mismatching outfits, especially at bedtime – rarely is there a matching pair of pjs to be seen & odd socks (see previous sock post) a regular occurrence.

So why is there this gender divide? In my case, someone who will happily wear crocs & socks outside the house, didn’t really have much hope of being able to dress kids successfully. I have come to the conclusion that women are just more intelligent than men. And more stylish. Men win when it comes to being fun – you won’t catch me rolling around on the floor or having a race after a meal, but give me a matching pairs game involving socks and I’ll definitely win.

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