…I would prescribe every mum Prosecco** and chocolate to help them get through life.***


* I have no interest whatsoever in becoming prime minister but if some strange miracle happened this would be my main manifesto.

** Ok not everyone likes Prosecco so alcoholic or non alcoholic beverage of choice. I don’t think a mum exists who doesn’t like chocolate. (I fear I’m about to be proved wrong)

*** I am not advocating being drunk in charge of children. All I am saying is they drive some of us to drink. (Not to be confused with drink driving, which is NOT ok. OK?).

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2 Responses to When I become prime minister*…

  1. Mrs Fox says:

    You’d have my vote. Could I get gin instead of prosecco?

  2. lucy says:

    Of course though I hate the stuff.
    I think cider on tap would be my other choice.