I yelled at Osc today, told him off, then cried.

We were on the way out of the doctors. (He had had to be carried in kicking and screaming as I woke him from a nap he had started 2 minutes earlier. I was already carrying Dylan so this wasn’t an easy feat- my children aren’t small. And hadn’t been complaint for the doctor though had, eventually, cheered up and even tidied a few things into the bin for her.)

On the way out he wanted to go to the park. It was about to rain and he was clearly tired so I said no. We went to the car, I opened his door & the passenger one in front and put the medicine & car keys in there, and in that time he had started to run across the car park to the play park. I yelled, went to grab him (while holding Dylan), dragged him behind the car onto grass and told him off, explained why he couldn’t go on the road (he would get hurt), and started crying from shock. What had made it worse was the car next to us (driver side) was just about to start reversing out. I knew it was about to so it wasn’t a proper near miss but it was close enough for me to panic and tell him off so much he was in a mood for a few hours after. He told Mike he had been naughty and run away & mummy cried so I hope it has sunk in.

I defy any parent who says they have never has the need to shout at their child, or thinks you shouldn’t. I also dragged him which maybe some people would frown upon but I really think it was the only way I could have dealt with it – get him off the car park ‘road’ as fast as possible. No point ignoring it or being nice to him. I did of course tell him I loved him and didn’t want him to be hurt.

All in all not the most successful half an hour in my life. Though maybe it is if he doesn’t ever run away from me again to something more interesting but who knows if he will or not? I’ll certainly be even more on guard as he has never done anything like that before (except walk off the path into an empty road and I told him off then too). Maybe time to dig out the reins but I think maybe he’s too old for them. Dylan is almost crawling so I will have it all to go through again soon. Joy.

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4 Responses to When it is ok to yell at a child. # 1

  1. Mrs Fox says:

    Sometimes it has to be done Lucy. Especially when it is about their safety. I SCREAMED at Louis in the middle of the street when he followed his scooter into the road to retrieve it after it had rolled off the curb. There was a car that had seen the whole thing and slowed to almost a standstill, but what I was seeing him was the split second after if that car had not stopped.

  2. Not A Mum says:

    I’m all for yelling at children. Many is the time in Waitrose on the Edgware Road on a Saturday afternoon when I really wish I could … except they’re not mine.

  3. lucy says:

    That must have been terrifying – did he learn his lesson? I think it’s made me think about being more careful when driving. I have parking sensors in the big car which would pick up people if referring which is good. Problem is kids are often so low down. And fast. I may use the dog lead on him.x

  4. lucy says:

    You see this is why I use online shopping! I had my first trip to the supermarket without kids in months the other day and spent a fortune as I had no one nagging me or crying or running around. Much cheaper to shop with kids as you want to get out of there as soon as possible.